Careem Conley

Careem Conley

Chief Executive Officer

Careem Conley is the Chief Executive Officer for Project FEEL. He has known Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll for close to 10 years. He met “Wall Street” by way of his brother Caramad Conley, who introduced him to Curtis Carroll upon his (Caramad) release from California State Prison after 18 years on a “Wrongful Conviction”.

Careem has over 20 years of experience in community development. He’s worked primarily with mission-driven organizations including government agencies, non-profit groups, and social enterprises in the education, health, economic, housing, and justice arenas with consistent focus on addressing the root causes to the barriers to staff-empowerment, economic development and neighborhood stabilization. Careem brings a rare blend of expertise in city systems, community-based services, and entrepreneurship. He’s based in San Francisco bay area.

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