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The Inmate Teaching Finance In Prison

Big Great Story 

July 2, 2018

6 TED talks to help you be better with money

Business Insider | by Chris Weller

January 2018

Overcoming Financial Illiteracy: The Curtis Carroll Way

MoneyWise | by Rudi Lentejas

September 2017

When These Walls Can Talk: Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll on Emotion, Finance, and Philosophy.

Inside the Rift | by Prox Centauri

August 2017

Meet Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll: A Finance Prophet Currently Serving Life Sentence

The Last Mile Radio | Sway Calloway

May 2017


San Quentin Prison Inmate Curtis Wall Street Carroll on Donald Trump


February 2017


Robin Williams’ son teams up with San Quentin inmate to teach finance in prison

Fortune | by Michal Addady

August 2015

Robin Williams’ son and San Quentin inmate teach finance behind bars

CNN Money | by Laurie Segall

August 2015

Inmate With Stock Tips Wants To Be San Quentin’s Warren Buffett

NPR | The Kitchen Sisters

August 2015


Robin Williams’ son and a prison inmate named ‘Wall Street’ have teamed up to help those ‘who might not have been dealt a great hand in life’

Business Insider | by Laura Donovan

August 2015

A Lifer’s Retirement Plan

The Marshall Project | by Rahsaan Thomas

May 2015

Investment Guru Teaches Financial Literacy While Serving Life Sentence

NPR | hosted by Emily Green

March 2015


Meet Warren Buffett’s Wannabes: The ‘Brown Buffett’ and ‘Oracle of San Quentin’

Wall Street Journal | by Anupreeta Das

February 2015

Inmate at San Quentin makes a Legal Killing on Wall Street

Breitbart | by Chriss W. Street

December 2014

Inmate Known As ‘Oracle Of San Quentin’ Gains Reputation Of Being Stock-Picking Guru

CBS | by Allen Martin

December 2014

Group helps San Quentin SP inmates prepare for re-entry into society

CDCR | by Joe Orlando

December 2014

Murderer turned stock picker is ‘Oracle of San Quentin’

MarketWatch | by Catey Hill

July 2014

Inmate Stock-Picker Called “Oracle of San Quentin”

Black Enterprise | by  Richard Spiropoulos
July 2014

Invest Like… A Murderer?

Outsider Club | Written by Jimmy Mengel
July 2014